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Venue Information


This diagram shows the layout of the hotel’s main meeting room area. The orientation of the map has North on the left, South on the right, East at the top, and West at the bottom. The Pacific Coast Highway runs left to right (north to south) across the top of the diagram, with a sidewalk running parallel to it between the road and the hotel.In order from left to right and parallel to the sidewalk are Aquaterra Spa; a gate leading to the Aquaterra Spa Courtyard; a stairwell leading to the Starfish & Sandcastle meeting rooms; the Conference Center containing the gift shop and the Sandpiper, Pelican, and Sand Dollar meeting rooms; and finally the Lobby Parking Lot including a street-side entry.The next row of the diagram contains an area with the following spaces: a stairwell connected to a block containing the Fitness Center/Spa, the Catalina Deck (rooms 454-459), the Catalina Building (rooms 440-444, 447-451), and the Catalina Terrace meeting room; a stairwell connecting the Catalina Deck to room 453, California Suite 445, and Vista Suite 452; the Surfside Building (rooms 410-437); the Ocean Terrace meeting room; and a stairway connecting the space to the next block as well as providing beach access.To the right (South) of the previous area is a space containing: the Penthouse Suites (rooms 350, 352, 353) and Seaview Terrace (rooms 312-348); the Jacuzzi; the Pool; and the Splashes Bar.Immediately to the right of the Penthouse Suites and Seaview Terrace is the 15FiveFifty meeting area.To the right of and below (South and West) the 15FiveFifty meeting area is an inverted T-shaped building that extends to the edge of the property to the right and bottom (South and West), abutting the beach and containing the following spaces: the Lobby (fifth floor); the Gray Whale meeting space (sixth floor); the Sea Gull and Sea Horse meeting spaces (seventh floor); the Top of the Roof meeting space (ninth floor); the Towers Building (rooms 210-299); and the Splashes Restaurant. A stairwell at the far right (South) of the space provides access to other floors.

Finally, the beach runs left to right (North to South) along the bottom of the diagram leading to the ocean.


The Pelican Room is roughly square and has a foyer with three open partitions running from the top to the bottom of the space. To the right of the foyer is the main meeting area, with a dais at the top and a terrace at the bottom accessed through two doors along the bottom wall. To the right of the main meeting area is a large alcove with two rectangular spaces against the right-hand wall. Doors are located at the top and bottom of this alcove.The Sandpiper Room is a rectangular; the diagram is oriented with the long axis running top to bottom. The space is divided in half across the short axis (left to right) by a removable partition. Two doors are located along the left side of the room (one centered on the top half and the other centered on the bottom half). Another door is located at the top right of the room and along the bottom edge.The Top of the Surf room is roughly rectangular, with the slightly longer axis running top to bottom on the diagram. Doors are on the left and right sides of the room and a restroom is located at the bottom.The Seagull / Dolphin / Gray Whale / Seahorse rooms all share the same layout, a rectangle roughly four times longer (top to bottom in the diagram) than wide. A restroom is located at the bottom of the room.The Starfish room is a rectangle roughly four times longer (top to bottom in the diagram) than wide. It features a small alcove at the bottom and a door to the right.The Sand Dollar room is separated into two rectangular areas, each much longer (top to bottom in the diagram) than wide. The left area is slightly shorter than the right one, which is a terrace with columns running from top to bottom along the center.

The Sand Castle room is rectangular in shape, longer (top to bottom in the diagram) than it is wide. One doorway is in the top side at the far right, and another is slightly below center in the right wall.

Capacity Chart & Room Layouts

Meeting Rooms

RoomDimensionsSquare FeetCeiling HeightTheaterClassroomBanquetConferenceU-Shape
Pelican50' x 50'2,5009' to 11'250150180050
Sandpiper46' x 20'9209' to 11'10048703636
Sandpiper I23' x 20'4609' to 11'4024302016
Sandpiper II23' x 20'4609' to 11'4024302016
Sand Dollar58' x 21'1,2188' to 10'12070904036
Sand Dollar I26' x 21'5468' to 10'5028402016
Sand Dollar II32' x 21'6728' to 10'7035503220
Sand Castle21' x 49'1.0298'10060703220
Starfish20' x 34'6808'6030402422
Top of the Surf30' x 34'1,0208' to 9'11046703630
Seagull15' x 32'4808'5024302012
Seahorse15' x 32'4808'---16-
Dolphin15' x 32'4808'5024302012
Gray Whale15' x 32'4808'5024302012

Outdoor Venues

RoomDimensionsSquare FeetCapacity
Pooldeck73' x 28'2044100
15FIFTYFIVE50' x 30'150060
Ocean Terrace48' x 22'105060
Catalina Terrace76' x 30'2280120
Aquaterra Courtyard65' x 54'3510200
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