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Surf & Sand Resort History

An Icon of Laguna Beach Living

Over the past seven and a half decades, we’ve had the honor of playing host to some of Laguna Beach’s most iconic and transformative moments and events. Discover just a handful of the milestones that have shaped history, reinvented the guest experience, and defined our legacy of excellence by taking a journey down memory lane with us.

A Laguna Legacy

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The First Wave

Southwest residents begin setting their sights on Laguna Beach as a vacation destination. Notable artists, such as Norman St. Clair, come to unwind and discover inspiration.

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An Icon is Born

Surf & Sand Resort emerges following World War II and welcomes an influx of gifted artists and Hollywood luminaries upon opening.

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Star-Studded Status

The resort blossoms into an iconic destination and witnesses the likes of Peter Ustinov, Joe Namath, and Reverend Billy Graham enjoy its comfort.

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A Presidential Paradise

As President Richard Nixon frequents his San Clemente home, the White House Press Corps find solace here. Notable journalists, including Tom Brokaw and Diane Sawyer, start their careers by covering the president’s visits.

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Joining the Greats

Surf & Sand Resort becomes a member of the Historic Hotels of America, solidifying its place among the country’s most acclaimed destinations.