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TheStreet.com – Double Brie & Fig Burger

Burgers You’ve Got to Have for National Burger Month
By Mia Taylor

May 10, 2013

Double Brie & Fig Burger
Where: Surf and Sand Resort, Laguna Beach, Calif.

The description alone of chef David Fune’s burger is mouthwatering: Angus patty, double cream brie, fig marmalade, caramelized onions and Dijon.

“One of the main things about it is it sounds good when you hear it hear it being said,” Fune says. “When it’s described — the balance between the earthiness of the cheese and the sweetness of fig jam and the caramelized onions — you think ‘This is good.’ But a lot of people just can’t stop eating it. The complexity of it and everything balances so well. People love the combination.”

It must be noted that Fune didn’t just throw any old brie on any old piece of meat. The meat comes from an all-natural sustainable farm in the Midwest. And much thought goes into the selection of the brie.

“If you were to get a regular brie in the grocery store, it wouldn’t hold up to the flavor of the fig jam or to the meat,” he explains. “So our brie brings it own little punch to game. We put three ounces on every burger, and that makes it pop.”