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Kaleidoscopic Wandering – Thoughts from Surf and Sand Resort

Thoughts from Surf and Sand Resort | Laguna Beach, California
By JoAnna

May 1, 2013

I’m sitting in a brown wicker lounge chair, my feet propped up on a chaise, my sunglasses on, a glare coming off my computer screen. My balcony is eight stories up from the sand of Laguna Beach in California where groups of two, three, six, a dozen kids shriek in delight as they run toward the pounding waves, then rush away from them, trying to avoid getting wet. In the end, they’ll all be wet, a coat of sand between their toes and a layer of salt stuck to their hair. Their cheeks will have a rosy glow as they head toward the family cars or across the thoroughfare to their homes, towels held around their shoulders while moms gather up skim boards and flip flops and t-shirts.

I watch from my balcony, a glass of lemonade in my hand, my bare toes cool on the bare concrete. The sunshine heats my core, and I feel a smile growing across my lips. I’m not much of a beach girl, but this makes me happy. The scene playing out below me lifts any stress I brought into Laguna Beach. I feel light and unrestrained, like I’m holding a handful of yellow balloons.

When I checked into Surf & Sand Resort this afternoon, I did not expect to feel this way. A recent trip to Laguna Beach was grey and overcast, with a breeze that bit my skin. Obviously a resort can’t plan the weather, but this care-free atmosphere embodied in Surf and Sand makes it so easy to enjoy what nature freely provides.

Surf & Sand is one of only a handful of luxury properties along this portion of the Southern California coast. Upon being dropped off in valet, I was immediately greeted by several bellmen, who offered to carry my luggage and show me to my room (to which the answers were no and no; I like to carry my own stuff). Before heading up to my room, I asked concierge for a few recommendations for a light lunch, which they provided with a smile.

And when I finally made it upstairs to my room, I unlocked the door to find a white and beige, airy suite with a large balcony door and a spacious outdoor space where I’ve been fortunate enough to type away at my afternoon assignments. The waves continue to crash below me. The kids still haven’t tired of the waves. A couple of middle-aged men now jog along the coastline. A son and father toss a football back and forth. This. Now this is the kind of environment I love to find at a beachfront resort.