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Examiner.com – Beach-body ready?

Beach-body ready? Get the skinny in 5 steps
By Jessica Blotter

June 26, 2012

Planning for summer travel doesn’t stop with hotel and flight bookings. And even if you don’t plan on traveling to the Turks and Caicos for your next getaway, there’s always a local cabana-cation or beach escape to be had year-round in sunshiny Southern California. Since summery outdoor pleasure goes hand in hand with wearing less, why not optimize your joy factor by looking and feeling your best?

Fortunately, Southern California is a nucleus for health experts and services to help maximize your physical and mental prowess this summer. Whether you’re in need of a dose of motivation or looking to dive full-swing into a new regimen, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve consulted with top experts to comprise five helpful steps for ultimate beach-body readiness.

Since personal fitness and wellness goals will vary with each individual, it’s important to listen to your body and decide which steps are best for you. Ultimately, looking your best is connected to feeling good on the inside, so it’s important to consider the psychological benefits of nurturing yourself as well. Remember to always consult with a physician before starting any new exercise or diet routine.

Shed Your Outer Layer: Papaya Lime Punch Treatment

After you’ve worked hard to achieve your physical best, reward yourself with a much-deserved day of pampering while receiving a few final spa treatments geared for ultimate beach-body readiness. Essential as a preliminary step before any type of UV-free tanning, exfoliation removes dead skin cells instantly to improve skin texture. There’s no better way to achieve full-body exfoliation than to have a professional treatment.

Mix a day of seaside relaxation bliss with the Papaya Lime Punch Treatment offered at the Aquaterra Spa inside the endearing Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. Mixed with fresh, seasonal ingredients every day, the treatment encompasses a blend of services designed for aromatic delight while achieving noticeable results.

80-minute Papaya Lime Punch Treatment:

  • Lime scrub
  • Papaya and cayenne wrap and massage
  • Coconut scalp treatment
  • Refreshing tropical beverage

The Advantage: After weeks of strenuous exercise, it’s important to reward yourself. The Papaya Lime Punch Treatment offers an opportunity for genuine spa relaxation while receiving full-body exfoliation and nourishment.

The Results:

  • Restored sense of balance and rejuvenation
  • Softer and smoother skin
  • Nourished skin and hair

Helpful Hint: Self-pampering leads to a healthier attitude, which is key in being beach-body ready.