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Surf And Sand Resort: Luxury And Elegance Right On The Water
By Deb Flomberg

May 28, 2013

The Surf and Sand Resort is an elegant and luxurious way to pamper yourself, your wife or husband and anyone else that you want to treat to something special. Located on the Laguna Beach coast, the Surf and Sand Resort has amazing scenic views and plenty of wonderful accommodations so that you can really enjoy relaxing in total luxury.

Every room at the Surf and Sand Resort has a spectacular view of the Pacific Coast, and the recent renovation showcases the new, modern design while still keeping that classic elegance. Take a dip in the Beach Front Pool or drop in the Aquaterra Spa for some personalized services geared to help you relax and recharge. From massages to facials and body treatments or yoga, there is a lot to enjoy at the Aquaterra Spa, but try the Beach Pro package for the total luxurious treatment. You’ll get an 80 minute skin fitness facial, an 80 minute massage, an 50 minute pedicure or manicure plus a 25 minute body treatment. The entire package lasts nearly five hours so this is only for those that really want to treat themselves.

Of course fine dining is a crucial part of the luxurious weekend away, so make sure to enjoy Splashes Restaurant, located just 25 feet from the sea, so you can see, smell and hear the waves crashing around you as you enjoy the fresh, local ingredients and delicious food. When the sun sets, drop by the 15FiftyFive Laguna Beach Lounge for smaller bites and cocktails under the stars. You’ll be able to cuddle with your loved ones by the fire pits as you relax in each others arms, enjoying the cool ocean air.

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