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Surf and Sand Resort

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An Ocean of Love

There is nothing more romantic than the sea. So much so that songs are written about it and hearts are filled by it. At Surf & Sand, we share that same love of the ocean with our guests. Every February, we turn the resort into a lover’s paradise for Romance Month. I love being surrounded by so much love and want to make sure everyone feels it, too!

Show Your Love. Why not surprise someone with a special treat awaiting you in your guest room. Our decorating packages range from the simply sweet to extravagant.

Recharge Your Soul. Why not rekindle romance with our new Rose & Vanilla Aroma Blend Treatment? Or for a sweet try the Lavender & Vanilla Pedicure.

Dine By the Sea. Celebrate each other with a romantic dinner & ocean view on Valentine’s Day at Splashes Restaurant.

Here’s to love & the sea!




Give the Gift of Surf

From dinner at Splashes to a one-night stay to a treatment at aquaterraspa give them an all-access pass with the Surf & Sand Resort gift card.


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